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Child Haven, Inc., a nonprofit corporation established in 1983 provides intensive therapeutic mental health and developmental services for children and their families with the belief that early intervention, education, and targeted professional services help children heal and families thrive.  Children served at Child Haven often suffer from severe neglect, have experienced the trauma of physical or sexual abuse and been exposed to violence.

Child Haven was the principal and singular source of psychotherapy for abused children and infants in this community for many years.  Now offering in-depth and varied psychological assessments and specialized therapies such as Art Therapy and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), Child Haven continues to be a forerunner in Solano mental health services by providing effective, comprehensive and intense therapeutic services.

At Child Haven accurate assessment leads to effective plan development, clinicians prescribe appropriate therapy methods which may include individual therapy, individual rehabilitation, group rehabilitation, group therapy or family therapy.  Child Haven’s clinical philosophy is that a child cannot be served optimally in isolation of his or her family environment and the most effective progress is seen when the needs of the entire family are considered in the process of addressing the treatment goals of the child.

Child Haven’s culturally diverse staff of mental health and developmental professionals provide bilingual and culturally competent services to English and Spanish-speaking clients for intake and therapy.   One staff member is skilled in American Sign Language as well.

The professional education of the therapeutic staff includes doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology with emphasis in Research and Child Development; Licensed Clinical Psychologists; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Interns, and Doctoral Students.

Together, the staff provides comprehensive therapeutic and developmental services to over 450 children ages 0 to 18 years each year.


The Mission of Child Haven is…

To provide intensive therapeutic and developmental services for children and their families with the belief that early intervention, education, and targeted professional services will help children heal and families thrive.



The Principles of Child Haven are…

  • To provide intensive therapeutic mental health services for children primarily ages 0-5 and their families;
  • To provide developmental services to children primarily ages 0-3 experiencing developmental delays and support and guidance to their families;
  • To provide support services for first responders of children in crisis;
  • To provide valuable, researched substantiated therapy such as Parent-Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) to children;
  • To provide diagnostic assessment and comprehensive treatment plans for children showing symptoms of mental health and/or developmental delays;
  • To provide children who have experiences trauma, neglect, abuse or are victims of crime with therapeutic services.


Core Values

  • Our actions will always be in the best therapeutic interest of the child.
  • Our actions will always be ethical, legal, and honest.
  • Our actions will always be to provide open access to all children in need.


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