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Clinical Leadership Team

Sonja New, MFT, ext 127 

Larry Miller, PhD, ext 119

Doug Novotny, PhD, ext 148  


Clinical Director

Practicum Training Director

Associate Training Director

Clinical Staff

Maria Bayardo, ext 135                                         Family Support Specialist, PCIT Therapist

Yasmin Castaneda,  ext 106                                  Intake Coordinator

Sue Galvez, ext 104                                              Parent Educator

Susan Gerdtz, LCSW, ext 115                              PEAK Coord., Therapist, Devel. Specialist

Roxanne Henderson, LCSW, ext 120                     Therapist

Aaron McGee, ext 112                                           Therapist Trainee

Emily Messigian, I-MFT, ext 128                          Therapist

Bertha Ortiz, ext 121                                            Safe Harbor Coord., Family Support Specialist

Alissa Solis, ext 128                          Therapist

Vivian Stegall, MFT ext 118                                 Therapist, Quality Assurance

Care Udell, PhDext 125                                     Developmental Psychologist


Doctoral Practicum Program

Child Haven is committed to expanding quality mental health services for children. Each year, we participate in preparing and releasing more qualified mental health professionals into the field. Child Haven’s doctoral candidate program is renowned for providing doctoral students the opportunity to integrate scholastic knowledge with practical experience in children’s mental health.

In Child Haven’s doctoral practicum program, students have the benefit of the resources and experience of a wide variety of seasoned mental health professionals.


Doctoral Practicum Students

Sthefany Alviar, ext 153

Courtney Avvampato, ext 157

Linda Dolan, ext 153

Marina Robinson, ext 155

Ritu Agarwal, ext 152

Marsha Chinichian, ext 156  




Jane Johnson, ext 111

Mary Walker, ext 100

Jennifer Attridge, ext 122   

Michalle Shown-Rodriguez, ext 103

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