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You can contribute directly to Child Haven by clicking on the “Donate Now” link below, and using your credit card to send a donation through PayPal.  You can also contact Child Haven directly to set up regular donations that will be charged to your credit card or to discuss a giving option that is right for you.  Just call or email us to set up a tour of Child Haven and time to discuss your donation.  Contact us

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  Your donation will help:

$2,000    Three months Child Therapy – Intensive  psychological therapy at  Child Haven with caring  professionals is a neuroscience-based intervention for a  child  victim that effectively improves child development and long-  term health.

$1,000   Emergency Assessment – A crisis in a child’s life can be turned into an  opportunity for the family and the child to heal through Child Haven’s intervention with psychotherapy, providing the foundation for a brighter future.

$500  Counseling Sessions for ‘at risk’ parents – Parents become more loving and effective parents, helping to connect emotionally with their children to establish a foundation for long-term psychological health for the children and the family.

$250  Home Visits – A child will successfully learn coping strategies during therapy provided in the home environment as a foundation for successful healing and long-term psychological health of the child and family.

$100  One Month Child Therapy Supplies – Children learn to effectively communicate their feelings and heal psychologically using doll houses, art supplies, puppets, and games.  And learn to have fun!


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