Child Haven Relies on Donations of Items

Child Haven relies on in-kind donations of various items to help with the therapeutic treatment of children, for basic needs of the families we serve, and to support our wonderful, but aging facility. In-kind donations to Child Haven are reviewed by staff and child therapists to determine the best use of the donation(s).  New toys may be used to help fill our Holiday Family Bags which provide families with activities specifically chosen by the child’s therapist to encourage the family to share quality time.  Other new or gently used toys may become a therapy tool used at Child Haven or in family homes by the therapist working with the child.  Used toys may be given directly to families by their child’s therapist or placed in our “giving closet” allowing families to choose items they may need for other children at home.  Occasionally we received items that are deemed unsuitable for our clients such as toys that look like weapons, scantly clad dolls and even books with topics that may trigger difficult memories.   Those donations are re-donated to other non-profit community organizations where there may not be a need for concern.

Please Donate

girl paint handsArt Supplies:   Child Haven uses Art Therapy frequently with children and adults often to bridge communication.  Items needed include:  Crayons, non-permanent markers, safe paints, rolls of paper, construction paper, Play Dough, modeling clay, etc.

Dress Up Clothes:   Encouraging children to enter a world of make-believe often helps therapists to gain a better understanding of the child’s fears and reality.  Dress ups clothes such as doctors, fireman and police help children work through situations that may have added to their trauma and/or anxiety. Halloween type dress up such as princesses and television characters are often easier to come by but do not typically offer the same results.  Real life costumes are much more effective.

Toys to create and/or build:  Lincoln Logs, large Legos, and magnetic builders allow children to be creative and tell stories through their play.

Board Games and Books:   Used by therapist to encourage caregivers to interact with their child.   Ages Birth – 12.

Outdoor Play Structures:   Sturdy child-size play structures for the outdoors. These could include a basketball hoop, picnic table, art table, play house, etc.

Outdoor Umbrellas and Stands:   Child Haven has a beautiful court yard which therapist like to use during the nice weather.  Unfortunately the afternoon sun can make it much too hot on warm summer days.  Large outdoor umbrellas with stands could be used to shade specific areas for outdoor play therapy.boywblocks

Gift Cards:   (WalMart, Target, Toys R Us, etc.)  Allows therapists and developmental specialists to purchase specific therapy toys needed for uniquely challenging cases as well as toys that may be used to encourage family play.  Gift cards also allow us to purchase individual items for a child that has reached a special milestone in their development.

Large Area Rugs:   Area rugs are used throughout Child Haven to “soften” and delineate play area and to provide a clean play environment.  Rugs can be child themed or neutral in color and appearance.  Rugs can range in size from 4 x 4 up to 8 x 10.

Gift Cards:   (Home Depot, Lowes)  Child Haven is located in two old buildings downtown Fairfield.  These buildings are very welcoming and homey for the children but require constant upkeep and repair.  From leaky toilets, to gardens that need fertilizing, Child Haven makes frequent runs to our local home and garden stores.  Child Haven also purchases sand on a frequent basis to replenish our Sand Therapy trays.  Sand therapy offers children safe boundaries for free, creative play that provides the therapist a pictorial world into the mind of the troubled child.

 Unique or Special Gifts

Child Haven has a Planned Giving program for lifetime gifts and an Endowment for gifts in perpetuity.  Please contact Child Haven’s Executive Director at 707-425-5744, select option 5, for more information on these programs.  If you are considering gifts of stocks, real estate, vehicles, etc. you may refer to Child Haven’s Gift Acceptance Policy which can be found at

On a case-by-case basis, Child Haven will accept

Office furniture & equipment, children’s bedroom furniture, baby furniture.  Please call us to discuss your possible donation item.  707-425-5744, select option5.

Please Do Not Donate

Things we can not accept:  Adult clothing, used household items, used plush toys.

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