How We Help Families & Children

bigstock_Childs_Cry_For_Help_21361421Child Haven’s clinical staff is qualified and capable of treating multiple and co-occurring types of trauma, attachment disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders and other social and emotional health issues of children ages birth – 21 years of age, while recognizing and appreciating the diverse and cultural needs of child and family.  The interdisciplinary, multi-systemic team approach used at Child Haven addresses the needs of each individual client.  The staff has the expertise and capacity to provide a full range of mental health services supporting the child/adolescent and family using Evidence-Based Practices and developmental services for children ages’ birth to 3 and their families.

At Child Haven, we believe that early intervention, education, and targeted professional services help the psychological wounds of children heal and strengthens families.  The agency’s clinical philosophy is that a child cannot be served optimally in isolation of his or her family environment, as the most effective progress is seen when the needs of the entire family are considered in the treatment goals of the child and adolescent.  Child Haven firmly believes that by incorporating the families of traumatized children into treatment, the child’s healing process has more immediate results and is fortified ensuring greater long-term benefits.

Below are different treatments and services that we provide to our clients.

Child Abuse Treatment

Child Haven operates the Child Abuse Treatment Program (CHAT) in Solano County for the State of California as authorized by Public Law 98-473 and funded through the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA).  Child Haven is recognized as a qualified provider of child abuse treatment services to child victims, age birth to 18 in the State of California.

Trauma Treatment

This section is under construction.  Trauma Treatment.

Behavioral Treatment

This section is under construction.  Behavioral Treatment.

Developmental Service

Child Haven has been a contract provider of early intervention services for North Bay Region Center (NBRC) since 2000.  Specially trained staff, having degrees in Developmental Psychology and Master in Social Work, conduct developmental assessments for children ages birth – 3 years of age using a variety of evidence-based assessment tools including the MULLEN Scales of Early Learning (MSEL) and Developmental Profile 3 (DP-3).

Parent Education

Child Haven offers a variety of Parent Education courses to better help parents learn how to interact and communicate with their child(ren).

Learn additional information regarding Parent Education.

Care Clinic

The Solano Comprehensive Assessment, Research and Evaluation (CARE) Clinic is an intensive early assessment and intervention program  for children 3—6 years of age with ongoing developmental, social, emotional, behavioral, sensory, and communication challenges.  This program connects children and families with tiered supports to enable them  to overcome risk factors and have better opportunity for success.

Read more about Care Clinic.

Court Ordered Services

Child Haven partners with Solano County Courts to offer services for children and families who are experiencing difficulties which may put a child(ren) in physical or emotional danger. The services are designed to help divorcing or separating parents focus on what is in the best interest of the children and how to work more cooperatively and effectively with each other.

Triple P, Positive Parenting Program

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is a comprehensive evidence-based program originated in Australia and taught in more than 20 countries. The program is for parents and caregivers and is designed to strengthen families by promoting positive relationships. Triple P offers simple, practical strategies   for preventing and managing challenging behaviors. The model is culturally appropriate and can easily be adapted by parents to suit their own values, beliefs and needs regardless of the family’s culture, or situation. Read more about Triple P.

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