The Twins Success Story

The Twins

The twins were placed in foster care after being removed by Child Protective Services due to parental substance abuse and neglect. They were small toddlers, homeless and had been eating out of dumpsters. After several placements the twins found the Family as foster parents. The twins’ foster parents were having difficulty with the boys’ aggressive and tantrum behaviors. Although they loved the boys and hoped that they could eventually adopt them, they desperately needed help. Foster dad said, “I just want them to express themselves more and be able to be children. I want them to be less scared and to be able to be kids.” They came to Child Haven.

Child Haven clinicians have unusually long tenures with the organization. Such long term relationships are helpful when children return to Child Haven, as is the case with the twins.

The clinician knew the boys when they were younger. She remembered they would not talk much and had pacifiers in their mouth much of the time before they turned two. Child Haven helped the parents understand what such behavior in young children meant. She taught the foster parents about typical development for young children. The clinicians helped the foster parents understand how the twin’s experience of being removed from their biological mother and placed in multiple foster placements caused behaviors in the twins, resulting in the aggressive and tantrum behavior. The parents learned skills to move the boys through the episodes and reduce incidences of the aggressive behavior. The boys learned to express their feelings.

The once very quiet boys are now talking and very verbal. They talk about their feelings and even sing! Their parent’s favorite group is the Police and one twin sang “Roxanne” for his clinician in one session – she reports, “it was hard not to laugh as it was too cute!!” Today, thanks to Child Haven they are very typical four year old boys. They were adopted by their foster parents.

Child Haven helped the boys to regain their developmental momentum and get back on track. No one would know their history by looking at these two handsome well-adjusted boys. Unfortunately, this is not the case for thousands of other children who lack the intervention that Child Haven provides, who grow up unable to communicate their feelings and connect with others and have healthy adult relationships. Instead, they sink into a life of isolation and mental difficulties that predisposes them to violence, criminal behaviors and addiction.

When asked her hopes for a conversation with the twins at 18, the clinician said, “I would hope they would say “Thank you for helping me to learn how to express feelings verbally. It’s really helped me with my relationships…. but that’s asking a lot for a teen.”

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