“B’s” Success Story

“B’s” Story

“B” came to Child Haven at the age of 13 at the suggestion of the Office of Family Violence Prevention (OFVP). “B” had been in therapy the previous year but the sessions were focused more on “B’s” behavioral problems rather than her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

When “B” was 11 years old, she witnessed her father shoot and kill her mother. Domestic violence ahd been an ongoing problem fro many years and ultimately culminated in the death of her mother. “B” attempted to process her trauma but instead withdrew, began skipping school and was unable to form a bond with her new guardian, her aunt. “B,” not satisfied with the outcome or focus of her therapy, quit. Six months later, as she prepared to testify in court, a member of the OFVP staff convinced her to try again. This time she came to Child Haven.

B's Story “B’s” therapist offered her a more systematic approach to  her therapy using  Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral  Therapy (TF-CBT). “B” met weekly with her therapist using  this evidence-based therapeutic modality which helped her  develop a narrative, identify her PTSD triggers, and equip  her with practical PTSD symptom (stress) management  tools. This approach also helped “B” foresee a future which  would not be controlled by her symptoms.

The Child Haven therapist was able to witness “B” build the courage to testify successfully in court, as well as give a victim impact statement in a controlled manner. “B” grew to experience a higher tolerance for her PTSD symptoms and eventually created a new state of normal. “B” will always miss her mother and may even, one day, grow to accept her father’s apology. She will also continue to have flashbacks of that horrific act that played out violently in front of her. However, she now knows she has tools to help her through dark moments and she has people around her who love and care for her. “B” also understands that trauma experienced by anyone, especially someone so young, needs to be treated, just like any other wound.

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